About Us


To build the largest independent brokerage in Canada by providing the best business building organization for Canadian advisors with the best-in-class products for our clients.


To provide financial literacy and a clear, written financial plan for all Canadians.


Offices in all major Canadian markets by the end of 2011.

Our Origins

National Best Financial Network is a new concept in our industry. Our focus is on educating consumers and supporting our associates.

Our founders are experienced financial services agents and business people who became dissatisfied with the options left to them in an old industry that was becoming less and less friendly to advisors, and less and less transparent to clients. Financial Literacy for All is our credo. Client success and advisor success equals our success.

Too many agencies were not providing a full complement of services and products to their client base. Many agencies do not allow their advisors to keep their clients if they leave. Too many advisors were not given the support they needed to properly service their clients, or their team members. And of course politics often left advisors out in the cold when it came to building their business.

Our Advantage

National Best does not represent a specific provider or product. We have over 25 contracts that are best in class providers in our industry. We truly shop the market for our clients. Whether it is investment products, mortgage referrals, or insurance protection, we can build a tailor-made solution for our clients.

We educate first. Clients have access to educational resources that will make them informed consumers. Advisors receive ongoing training and field support to become the best they can be - a valuable resource for their clients.

We allow business building for both individual producers or for team oriented leaders. And our advisors are vested from day one and own their business. They are secure in the knowledge that National Best will never take away what they have worked so hard to achieve by helping families and businesses.

Our Structure

Our structure is based on a flow through model of compensation. National Best Financial Network is not in the business of profit for itself. It is purely a corporate vehicle to support our agency network and our individual producers. This means that our executives are themselves agency owners and build their business by supporting their teams and providing best in class service to our clients.

Our Governing Council

Our governing council is made up of key agency owners and experienced individual producers that draft our agreements, negotiate our contracts, develop our array of services and adjudicate our disputes. The governing council is elected by our Board of Directors and is accountable to our membership.